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About Eagle Institute

“Education is the key to success in life, and teachers make a lasting impact in the lives of the their student.“

Author : Soloman Ortiz

Eagle Institute of Fire Engineering and Safety Management.

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today

It is important to pay diligent attention to the preparation and implement indispensable knowledge and guidelines for a student to deliver their best performance. However, it is critical to find the right platform for such a grandiose level of preparation.

Eagle is your one-stop for meticulous preparations regarding the foundation courses and competitive examination. We follow deliberate procedures to incorporate all the essential knowledge and promote practices to polish them and enhance the aptitude of the student. It enables them to perform better and prepare thoroughly for the competitive examinations. 

A critical level of pressure and stress may also arise and overtake a person.

 Hence, Eagle coaching institutes also provide technical courses to achieve well deserve success in life. The Eagle has set sublime standards in addressing the technical and managerial resources shortage in the new era of dynamic globalization. The Eagle group has risen to fame for its strong foundation in teaching, training and R & D in multifaceted areas. It aims to serve the future generation as well as the nation. Through its commitments towards self-sufficiency and unmatched excellence.

Our Mission & vision

Eagle Institute is dedicated to providing the highest quality education possible for our students, in order to effect the best treatment available for all of the individuals and families whose lives may someday be touched by those who have come to us for their education and training.

We also aim to help students with their class 11th and 12th preparation, these classes from science stream form the foundation for the aforesaid entrance examinations. We amplify students’ preparation by focusing on the parts and sections that have higher chances of appearing in the exam because Smart Study is the key to success! With the vision so clear and mission so articulate, students can expect to have a single gateway opening to their destinations-the dream IIT, the dream AIIMS or JIPMER. The day you choose to enroll at Eagle, consider you’ve taken your first step towards realizing your dream and making it possible. Worried about the paper

pattern and the toughness level of the exam? Just don’t be, we’ll be your Dark Knight running on the “Mission Dream IIT/AIIMS.” Let’s ride together. 

Eagle Also have vision that WE Learn to save Life and Property from devastating Fire/Accident/Earth Quake/Natural Calamities etc. The objective of the institution is to educate students and people of the country. Fire the cause of human civilization and good friend of humanity, when it spreads in an uncontrolled becomes a vicious enemy resulting in heavy losses of properties and lives.

Our Strength

Experienced Faculty

1. Teaching experience is positively associated with students achievement gains throughout carrier.
2. More experience support greater student learning for their colleagues and academy as whole , as well as their own students.

Affordable Prices

1. Knowledge is does not dependent on cost.
2. We offer excellent knowledge and training to respective students to achieve their goals in very minimum cost.

24/7 Technical Assistance

1. For quires of students and parents we have 24/7 technical assistance to response and diagnosing any trouble regarding their subject and courses

Focus On Quality

1. We absolutely focus on development of student’s in learning of all the subjects clearly.
2. And also focus on guiding them on right direction towards best in them.
3. Providing best advice and knowledge is the main objective of “Eagle Coaching Classes” for the students to help them achieving their aims & goals.

Our Teachers

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