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Science Classes

” Stop thinking the answer to everything is to develop a course.”

Author : Jane Bozarth

Foundation course after 10th (SSC)

Duration:- 15 Days  to One month

A lot of what is asked in the sections of JEE/NEET  entrances are taught in classes 11th and 12th. Thus we have our foundation and pre foundation courses for the early birds to rise and have the catch. This gives fair chance to state board students to achieve their dreams of IIT/MBBS.

Crash Course After 12th (HSC)

Duration :- 30 to 45 Days.

This course will help to, Do comprehensive revision of all important chapters and topics that have high weight age in Boards. Understand exam pattern and marking scheme by appearing in mock Boards based on CBSE syllabus. Get inputs on exam writing skills, time management & prioritizing questions to score more in exams.

11th- 12th Science (State Board CET Batch)

Duration :-Two Year.

Not a IIT/MBBS is a dream of everyone, some are dreaming about other fields too, So to give them proper guidance and adequate teaching to get success in their desired fields.

11th - 12th Science (NEET-JEE Batch)

Duration :- Two years.

Competitive examinations, especially national and international grades, tend to pose extreme challenges to qualify. Many professional courses from B.Tech to MBBS require qualifications like JEE and NEET for admission in qualitative institutions for a prosperous future. It is important to pay diligent attention to the preparation and implement indispensable knowledge and guidelines for a student to deliver their best performance.